Introduction to Akashic Witchcraft

The Order of Akashic Witchcraft Mystery School is a three level program of occult study. This class is a three session introductory to the Level 1 course; it will meet once a month and will cover three areas of discussion: 


1. a survey of the history of religion and its impact on humanity, our personal stories and how it has shaped our own attitudes toward spirituality.

2. The nine  areas of discipline which lend credibility, power and life to the Witch.

3. Akashic Witchcraft, its definition and philosophy of practice.


This introductory class allows the student an opportunity to determine whether the course of study supports their personal goals. Additionally, it permits the teacher to evaluate the level of student commitment before making a more substantial investment of time and resources. While it would be ideal to have all students who start the introductory course succeed and begin the year-long study, there is no guarantee that all students will be selected. The criteria for acceptance into the year-long class is based on three primary factors: 1. openness to new ideas and concepts, 2. commitment to the required study practices, and 3. ability to perform, and compliance with, directives such as required homework and daily exercises.

Begins March 2020

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The Order of Akashic Witchcraft was founded in response to a need for a path of balance more perfectly aligned with a philosophy of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Iis a newly born tradition grounded in Hermetic Wisdom, Shamanic principles and a sincere belief that the path of the Witch is one of service. It is the sole purpose of the Order of Akashic Witchcraft to offer teaching and guidance to those rare individuals who will seek a path of balance & non-judgment sincerely, accept responsibility for their own life and choices, and serve the Universe without a need for recognition.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” 

                                              - Foundation for Inner Peace, A Course in Miracles